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How to order Great Grub Camp Food for pickup at US Post Offices

If you're heading out for a long road trip, you can order Great Grub Camp Food online and have it delivered to US Post Offices for pickup as you travel! They will hold packages for up to 30 days.

When you place your order, fill out the shipping address with the following information:

[your full name}
C/O General Delivery
[address of post office where you will pick up, including state & zip]


Expiration Dates

Because our products are all natural, they don't contain any preservatives. With this in mind, we currently are stamping our bags with a 10-12 month expiration date. This doesn't mean that the ingredients will turn bad (most of the ingredients are dried, after all), it just means that we can't guarantee freshness beyond that point.


Nutritional Data

You'll find the nutritional data information for each product on that product's order page. Just click on the small photo below the product photo and the window will pop-up for better viewing.


Gluten Free, and Vegetarian Products

We don't have plans right now for anything specifically gluten free or vegetarian, but some of our upcoming new products will be vegetarian.

Vegetarians: all of our products are meat-free except the Cheese Tortellini Soup, which contains chicken broth powder in the soup stock. The Chipotle Tamale Pie can be cooked using 2 cans of black beans instead of meat, and is quite tasty!

Gluten-free: the only gluten-free product we currently offer is the Mayan Hot Chocolate.


Are your products good for backpacking?

We don't recommend our products for backpacking use, due to the weight of and cooking time for most of them. Only our Mayan Hot Chocolate would work well on the trail. We're more focused on feeding the hungry vehicle-based camping masses right now!


Where can I buy your products?

Our website is the best spot for now. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can find us year round at various events, throughout the area. Click here to see our Upcoming Events schedule. If you live in the East Bay, or need a large order really fast, we offer "Will Call" as an option when ordering online. Just hit "will call" when making your shipping selection and you can pick up your order at our Alameda office the next day.

Our products will be available at New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale, CA, starting the end of August 2017, and, hopefully, at their Emeryville, CA store, scheduled to open late in 2017. You'll find our products throughout the store, positioned by category, under our retail name of Great Grub Home Cooking. Same tasty products, packaging and logo, just a secondary name change to make it more appealing to home shoppers.