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About Us

As a lifelong camper in the West, I was content for many years with the standard fare of food options available for car camping: instant pancake mixes loaded with preservatives that taste pretty much alike, salty dried soup packets, store-bought cookies with too much sugar, and watery hot chocolate. As my camp cooking skills developed and my family grew, I began to long for better eating options for our outdoor sojourns, but there was little to be found.

With that in mind, I started Great Grub Camp Food, a new line of dried mixes for vehicle-based camping.* We offer a better and more tasty approach to camp cooking and eating — dried mixes that are all natural (of course!), really easy to prepare, and great to eat. Something I would want to serve to my friends and family. In fact, you may find our food is good enough to eat at home, as well.

We're based in Alameda, California, which puts us smack dab in the middle of one of the most dynamic food communities on the planet. This phenomenal location allows us to obtain many key ingredients locally — grains from Giusto’s, a renowned grain mill across the Bay in South San Francisco; superb chocolate ingredients from Guittard, a little farther south in Burlingame; fabulous dried Blenhiem apricots from B&R Farms in Hollister; and dried milk products from Challenge Diary, an award-winning dairy company with offices in San Leandro. I feel strongly about the need to reduce vehicle emissions whenever possible, particularly in shipping, so the closer a supplier is to us, the better.

I hope you enjoy our products — enjoy cooking, eating and sharing them with your fellow campers and outdoor diners! I plan to introduce more products as we grow, so please follow us on Facebook for updates on our progress.

Please also share with us any comments you have about our products — what's working, what's not working, what you like the best, and any ideas you have for new products. That way we can make adjustments if needed, and continue fulfilling our mission to provide you with the best possible meals for your camping and home-cooking convenience.

And always remember, “Eat well in the woods.”

— Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez, owner

* Car camping, glampers, RVs, trailers, boats, Burning Man and cabins. Not intended for backpacking.