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Camp Food

Our dried mixes contain the best all-natural quality ingredients available, using local resources whenever possible. Perishable ingredients, such as eggs, milk, cream and butter, are included in the mixes. All you need to add are water and oil, and occasionally meat for the entrées. Our products are extremely easy to prepare, saving you valuable shopping and preparation time.

With Great Grub Camp Food, you can now spend a long day outdoors, quickly get food on the table with minimal effort, and still dine in style. We make it easier for you to go camping and to enjoy your time in the woods more fully!

Great Grub Camp Food:

All -natural ingredients
        •    No preservatives or artificial ingredients
        •    No GMO foods
        •    Sea salt, aluminum-free baking soda, cane sugar in the mixes
Locally sourced, whenever possible
        •    Grains milled across the bay in South San Francisco
        •    Dried apricots from Hollister, California
        •    Chocolate ingredients from Guittard, also south of San Francisco
        •    Milk powders produced by a local renowned dairy company

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