Due to the avian flue epidemic that swept across the poultry industry last spring and wiped out much of the egg-laying hens, it has become extremely difficult (and very expensive) for us to purchase powdered eggs for three of our products for some time. The situation has improved a bit recently and powdered eggs are becoming available again in limited quantities, but the prices have doubled! We don't want to raise our prices, so we will absorb most of that cost for now, in hopes that the egg prices will eventually decrease, but our suppliers say that may not happen until 2016.

Until we can make new batches, we have a limited inventory of two of our products for sale containing powdered eggs. They're close to their expiration date of 11/15, so we're offering them both at 50% off — the Lemon Blueberry Pancakes and Chipotle Tamale Pie.

Thanks for your patience!