After a year of sharing and selling our products across northern California, we learned something unexpected — customers love our products so much, they're buying them to cook at home. We shouldn't have been too surprised, since that was our original goal — to make our products easy enough to prepare when out in the woods, but good enough to eat at home. What we didn't foresee was how many people are looking for healthy, easy-to-prepare solutions for quick meals wherever they are.

With this in mind we decided to create a secondary name for our products: GREAT GRUB STOVE TOP COOKING ( This change will enable us to get into natural food stores, in order for you to find our products more easily and quickly when you need them for a trip. The products will be exactly the same as our Great Grub Camp Food line, but the new name and packaging will appeal to a broader market.

We will still continue our retail sales under the Great Grub Camp Food name.