Did you know that most of the pancake, waffle and muffin mixes and products sold in stores don't contain real blueberries? Photos on the boxes show lots of fresh blueberries surrounding the food, but if you read the ingredient labels on the back, actual blueberry ingredients are hard to find. Instead, what appear to be blueberries in the mix are combinations of food coloring, partially hydrogenated oils and liquid sugars. Some manufacturers use dried apple bits with blue food coloring and artificial flavors added.

Why not enjoy the marvelous flavor and benefits of real blueberries? That's one of the reasons we make our Lemon Blueberry Pancake mix, which uses real dried berries grown in the blueberry fields of western Oregon. They're large and plump, and full of natural flavor. The berries are lightly infused with cane sugar, just to maintain their sweetness after drying, but nothing more.

To read more about the secret of fake dried blueberries, check out this article from Huffington Post, click here.