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Our new Camp Kit for 4!

By Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez on June 13, 2018

Check out our latest product — Camp Kit for 4! Ideal for weekend getaways and a great gift for newbie campers. Comes with 4 bags of our tasty mixes, measuring cups,  2 cans of black beans, and all tied up in a reusable, easy-to-carry-around red cotton bag.

Great Grub in New Seasons Market

By Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez on September 04, 2017

One of our longtime goals has been to make our products more available to our customers through natural food and grocery stores. We are excited to announce that you can now buy them at New Seasons Market in Sunnyvale, CA, under the name of Great Grub Home Cooking. It's an honor to be a part of this beautiful store and our products have been well received by customers looking for easy home cooking solutions.

OutdoorX4 Magazine article about Great Grub Camp Food

By Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez on June 14, 2017

OutdoorX4 Magazine, a handsome off-road and overlanding publication, recently gave our camp food a really nice shout-out in their May-June issue. You can find it on page 12:

Great Grub Gets into New Seasons

By Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez on April 19, 2017

 Exciting news: our products were just accepted by New Seasons Markets to be included in their new store opening in Sunnyvale, CA later this summer! New Seasons is a Portland-based natural food company with 19 stores in the northwest, 2 in the Bay Area and 4 more soon to open in the area. Plus they recently acquired New Leaf Community Markets in Santa Cruz (6 stores).

Our KIVA loan is fully funded

By Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez on April 19, 2017

We reached our goal of $10,000 on KIVA! Thank you to everyone — friends, family, strangers from all over the world—who helped contribute to this amazing undertaking. Now we can move forward towards selling our products in natural food stores, making them more accessible to all of you.


By Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez on April 03, 2017

We need your help! We have 20% to go to reach our KIVA loan goal and only 12 days left. Click here to see our page: You can contribute as little as $25, which will be matched by Google. This is an interest-free crowd-funded loan, so all money will be paid back. We need these funds to expand our sales fulfillment this year. Thanks for your support!

Fundraising for our KIVA loan

By Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez on March 18, 2017

Camping season is coming up, plus we're working on expanding our sales to get into Bay Area natural food stores. We need your help in raising money to order the ingredients and packaging that we'll need to meet this growing need. has approved us for a $10,000 interest free loan, to be paid back to all lenders within 3 years. Please visit our KIVA page here to learn more: Thanks so much for your support!!!

Order Great Grub for pickup at US Post Offices

By Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez on August 02, 2016

Heading out for a long road trip with your RV or trailer? You can order Great Grub Camp Food online and have it delivered to US Post Offices for pickup as you travel! They'll hold packages for up to 30 days.

When you place your order with us online, just fill out the shipping address box with the following information:

[your full name]
C/O General Delivery
[post office address where you will pick up, including state & zip]


Eat well wherever you wander! 

New Packaging for Great Grub

By Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez on June 20, 2016

Our product packaging is changing! We're moving away from our original brown Kraft bags to a fresh new look — white, pre-printed bags, with food photos instead of outdoor scenes. The Great Grub logo and product recipes remain the same, except for some small adjustments to the Tortellini Soup.
In the two years since launching, we've found that many people thought our products were for backpacking, which they're not. We're getting ready to sell Great Grub on store shelves, and the need to more clearly communicate the nature and intended purpose of our products has become paramount to our package design.
Nutritional data and UPC codes have been added to the back. The bags are also waterproof, which makes them much more practical for rainy days, or when out on a boat.
To see the new packaging, please visit our Facebook page ( or individual product pages on our website. We hope you like what we've done, and would love to hear your feedback!
Meanwhile, we still have some products leftover in the original bags, so we're offering a 20% discount on those items — Chocolate Chip/Apricot Cookies, and Cheese Tortellini Soup.

Our Secondary-New Name

By Laura Ramirez-Gonzalez on September 03, 2015

After a year of sharing and selling our products across northern California, we learned something unexpected — customers love our products so much, they're buying them to cook at home. We shouldn't have been too surprised, since that was our original goal — to make our products easy enough to prepare when out in the woods, but good enough to eat at home. What we didn't foresee was how many people are looking for healthy, easy-to-prepare solutions for quick meals wherever they are.

With this in mind we decided to create a secondary name for our products: GREAT GRUB STOVE TOP COOKING ( This change will enable us to get into natural food stores, in order for you to find our products more easily and quickly when you need them for a trip. The products will be exactly the same as our Great Grub Camp Food line, but the new name and packaging will appeal to a broader market.

We will still continue our retail sales under the Great Grub Camp Food name.